Category B

Welcome to the second jump in your AFF progression.


Your are required to successfully complete the following before making your category B skydive

What to expect

This category will focus more on you ability to focus and be relaxed in the skydive environment. You will be expected to get stable and deploy you parachute while maintaining altitude awareness. Additionally, expect to perform post-deployment canopy checks without prompting from your instructor, begin to fly a pattern, and you will begin to practice heading awareness You will still have two instructors with you during the free-fall and an instructor in your ear during the canopy phase. We do not expect you to know everything during this dive but we will be requiring slightly more awareness than on your first skydive.

Again, relax and have fun while learning and you will be successful

Freefall dive-flow

  • Exit in a relaxed arch
  • Instructors release arm grips
  • Circle Of Awareness (C.O.A.)
  • Practice deployment(s) until smooth and unassisted
  • Altitude check, arch, legs, relax
  • Extend legs and hold for three seconds
  • Altitude check, arch, legs, relax
  • Begin wave-off at 5,500ft
  • Deploy by 4,500ft

Canopy dive-flow

  • Release breaks and correct routine problems
  • Look left, turn left
  • Look right, turn right
  • Flare
  • Check altitude, position, and traffic
  • Find landing area and pattern entry point
  • Divide flight path into thousands of feet
  • Fly over the correct path until 1,000ft
  • Look for obsticles near and around the landing area
  • Fly the predetermined pattern over the landing area or alternate area
  • Flare to land and PLF if necessary

Book Stuff

Please read the following before arriving for your category B skydive

  • Category B USPA SIM Sections A-F
  • Emergency Recommendations USPA SIM Section 5-1 A-E
  • Student BSRs USPA SIM Sections: F.4.b, G, H, I
  • Landing Patterns FAA AC 90-66A 9.e
  • Important information about our airport

Category B Quiz

Take the category B quiz to see if you have the knowledge

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