Category C

You are starting to make headway in your quest to A-licensedom


You are required to successfully complete the following before making your category C skydive

What to expect

This time around things start to get "real". During this category you will make two jumps with two instructors where you will learn to fly with only one instructor, deploy your parachute without assistance, and fly a canopy pattern by yourself. Like every category, this one is designed to build on what you have learned up to this point. You will be introduced to and begin to think about and practice planning for off-field landings, obstacle avoidance, downwind landings, and canopy patterns for higher winds. You will also meet your parachute rigger and learn about the reserve parachute system and equipment inspection and maintenance. After successful completion of category C you will advance to one instructor so take this part seriously; this is your chance to demonstrate to your instructors that you can (with minimal or no guidance) fly in a stable way, maintain altitude awareness, deploy on time, and land safely.

Again, relax and have fun while learning and you will be successful

Freefall dive-flow

  • Exit in a relaxed arch
  • Circle Of Awareness (C.O.A.)
  • Practice deployment(s) until smooth and unassisted
  • Circle Of Awareness (C.O.A.)
  • Instructors release grips
  • Altitude check, arch, legs, relax
  • Instructor(s) make sure of student control by 6,000 feet or regrip through deployment
  • Begin wave-off at 5,500ft
  • Deploy by 4,000ft

Canopy dive-flow

  • Release breaks and correct routine problems
  • Look left, turn left
  • Look right, turn right
  • Flare
  • Check altitude, position, and traffic
  • Find landing area and pattern entry point
  • Divide flight path into thousands of feet
  • Identify suspect areas of turbulence
  • Verify landing pattern and adjust as necessary
  • Fly over the correct path until 1,000ft
  • Fly the predetermined pattern over the landing area or alternate area
  • Flare to land and PLF if necessary

Book Stuff

Please read the following before arriving for your category C skydive. NOTE: The parachute owners manual is not for the canopy you are currently jumping but it gives you an idea of what one looks like and the type of information provided inside.

Category C Quiz

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