Check Dive


You are required to successfully complete the following before making your check-dive

  • Complete 24 skydives

What to expect

You have completed the USPA AFF student program and you are now have only to make your check-dive and get you license! If you have made it this far you are in for a fun and rewarding skydiving career!

At this point you have all the skills needed to safely make safe skydives solo or in groups and therefore you are no longer required to jump with a coach but this jump must be evaluated by a USPA Instructor or Instructor Examiner.

We hope you followed our advice and prepared for the test of a lifetime!

Free-Fall Dive Flow

  • Spot
  • Choose a comfortable exit
  • Perform a 360-degree turn to the right and left, and backloop
  • The evaluator moves 20 feet from the candidate and level
  • Dock on the evaluator
  • Initiate breakoff and track a minimum of 100 feet
  • Wave off and pull by 3,000 feet

Canopy Dive Flow

  • Follow your pre-selected landing pattern

Book Stuff

Not a bad idea to review USPA SIM Section 3.2 and learn about the license exam and application requirements.

Check-Dive Quiz

There is no quiz specifically for the check-dive, but you are encouraged to retake the other available category quizzes.

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