Category F

We are learning to track away!


You are required to successfully complete the following before making your category F skydive

What to expect

The previous categories (A-E) were devoted to your survival of solo freefall. Since skydiving is best enjoyed with others flying relative with one another, category F begins your education in the skills necessary to survive in group freefall.

Canopy skills will also be practiced and enhanced during this categories two jumps. You will practice making flat,altitude-conserving turns under canopy. This skill can be the difference between a hard landing and a soft one when landing in tight areas and will help you make turns in crowded airspace without picking up a lot of speed or loosing a lot of altitude.

Your familiarity with emergency procedures in the aircraft will be refined so that you start thinking of handling emergencies on your own without the help of an instructor. This is very important as you are working toward becoming a licensed skydiver who is expected to self-supervise. Wether you believe it will happen or not emergencies, while rare, do occur and you should be prepared to deal with them.

Like every category before and after, category F continues to build on your understanding and knowledge of aircraft exit procedures, persons responsibility, emergency situations, freefall skills, and canopy piloting. You are in this for the fun and thrill of skydiving so learn and be patient because you are learning a lot in a short time, it will come to you!

Again, relax and have fun while learning and you will be successful

Freefall dive-flow

  • Spot with minimal assistance
  • Choose exit position
  • Track for 5 seconds
  • Turn 180°
  • Track back to instructor
  • Check altitude
  • Repeat until 6000 feet
  • Begin wave off and deploy by 4,000 feet

Canopy dive-flow

  • Discover the stall point of your canopy by flaring to stall
  • Adjust your braking until you discover the flattest glide of you canopy aka the slowest descent
  • Practice flaring from deep brakes
  • Identify all the power-lines near the landing area
  • Fly your landing pattern braked
  • Flare from brakes to land (with suitable canopy)

Book Stuff

Please read the following before arriving for your category F skydive.

NOTE: The owners manuals may not be for the equipment you are currently jumping but they give you an idea of what they look like and the type of information provided inside.

  • USPA SIM Category F Sections A-F
  • USPA Basic Safety Requirements for A-license holders Sections B,G,H,I,L,M
  • USPA conditions, requirements, and privileges for A-license holders
  • USPA recommendations on recurrent training
  • SIM Section 5-1.F to review power-line landing procedures
  • USPA recommendations on group separation during jump run
  • Harness-container owners manual
  • Main Owners Manual (PD)
  • Reserve Owners Manual (PD)

Category F Quiz

Take the category F quiz to see if you have the knowledge

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