Canopy Course w/ Brian Germain

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Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 8am
  • Cost: $215
  • Lift Tickets: $22

Brian Germain is coming out to teach a Canopy Course! One course fits all, at any level from beginner to advanced. Only 20 slots available and knowledge is power so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best! We will be dedicating one of our Cessnas to the course to ensure everybody gets to Jump. Slots are not included. All jumpers needing their B license proficiency cards completed, this course is one of the best you will ever get. Well worth the investment!

Whether you are a new jumper or an expert, this canopy flight skills and safety course has something for you. You can: get signed off for your B license canopy course requirement, work on advanced maneuvers, learn about canopy design, get softer more accurate landings, dial in your swoop, and become a better, safer skydiver. This course covers all aspects of canopy flight safety, as well as addressing the mental and emotional aspects. This course will profoundly enhance both your skill and your safety.

The Teacher

Brian Germain has over 15,000 jumps and 27 years of skydiving instructional experience. As a parachute designer, test pilot and author of The Parachute and its Pilot and host of the much-loved Skydive Radio segment "SAFETY FIRST", Brian offers a unique perspective on the topic of canopy control. His passion for flight is deeply infectious, and his masterful ways of teaching will enthrall you and leave you wanting to learn more.

General Topics
The course targets parachuting skills as the primary subject matter, from the perspective of a parachute designer, avid canopy piloting enthusiast, and transcending fear specialist. Brian will, however, adapt the class to incorporate anything the hosts believe to be appropriate, as well as shaping the subject matter to fit the needs of that particular group of students.


  • Parachute Aerodynamics
  • Dynamic Maneuvers
  • Flying in Turbulence
  • Navigation
  • Pattern and Accuracy
  • Landings
  • Advanced Approaches
  • The Psychology of Adrenalin


  • Packing Secrets
  • Gear Maintenance
  • Freeflying
  • Tracking Dives
  • Yoga and Meditation Techniques to enhance your skydiving

We often include jumping in the course, but that isn't necessary at all. The bulk of the learning is in the classroom, not the air. It has been aptly that 'The sky makes a terrible classroom.' That is where we test new concepts, and create concrete experiences that deepen our understanding. Even if the weather prevents us from jumping, the course is very effective in creating long-term change.

-- Brian Germain

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Don't come here! You'll never want to leave! The staff are competent, knowledgeable, and perceptive in regard to their visitors. They have cultivated an environment where safety and compliance are priority one. Whatever your interest, whether it be a tandem ride, the AFF program, or fun jumping, SLW can more than accommodate you.

I’ve been jumping since 1986, when my kid told me he was jumping here, I came to check the quality of their teaching, services, equipment and staff.
I fell in love with this awesome family!
Today I was blessed enough to be in the same load with my son on his first training jump.

Very down to earth and friendly staff. I did a tandem one weekend on a Saturday and immediately signed up for the ground course to start my path in getting my jumps in to be licensed. I took the ground school the following Friday and as soon as the winds die down I'll be making my first 'solo' jump. It was the most blissful feeling imagined. I'm already jacked about this weekend! The staff are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have.

I can't say enough good things about this place! The staff went above and beyond for us, 15 awesome jumps, grilled burgers and hot dogs, engaged with all of us and overall made the day perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!

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