Solo Jumps

Welcome to Self-Supervision!!!


You are required to successfully complete the following before making your SOLO skydives

What to expect

You have completed the USPA AFF student program and you are now able to self supervise. If you have made it this far you are in for a fun and rewarding skydiving career!

At this point you have all the skills needed to safely make safe skydives solo or in groups and therefore you are no longer required to jump with a coach. But you sill have to reach the 25 jumps threshold before you can be awarded the A-license. So, for the next four jumps you are can do anything you have previously learned and gain valuable experience while practicing for your check dive.

We encourage you to jump with your fellow skydivers, instructors, and coaches to learn all you can and have as much fun as possible.

Free-Fall Dive Flow

  • You are self-supervising...plan your own dives :)

Canopy Dive Flow

  • You are self-supervising...plan your own flights :)

Book Stuff

There are no book reading requirements for this category of jumps, just reread old requirements or just browse the resources in the USPA SIM.

Solo Jumps Quiz

There is also no quiz specifically for the solo jump category, but you are encouraged to retake the other available category quizzes.

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