First Jump Course

Before you can skydive you have to learn a few things...

When is the jump course?

First-Jump courses are taught on Friday nights starting at 6pm


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What To Expect

The jump course usually lasts 4-6 hours with several breaks. You will be instructed by a qualified USPA instructor in the following areas:

  • Equipment Orientation
  • Free-Fall Body Position
  • Main Parachute Deployment
  • Canopy Piloting Skills
  • Basic Landing Skills
  • Landing Hazards
  • Equipment Emergency Procedures
  • First Jump Method Specific Procedures

You will watch several training videos and use training aids to demonstrate equipment function and malfunction, proper use and pre-jump inspection of equipment, and attend an interactive lecture where you are expected to learn and demonstrate knowledge in all of the above areas. To successfully complete the jump course you must pass the exam and get a sign-off from your instructor.

The last part of the first jump course is method specific; meaning your first jump type (A.F.F., I.A.D., or Tandem) will determine the requirements for the last section. Examples include: goals, hand signals, exit procedures, and expectations for your jump method.

Preparing For The Course

Before arriving at the course you should create your account on; it will give you access to learning materials, quizzes, links to your jump videos, and more. Fill out the student jump waiver. Following that, get a copy of the USPA SIM , a link to the PDF is located on you SLW account home screen. You can either purchase, print, or download a PDF. Which ever method you choose, read "The First-Jump Course Outline" Section 4.I (pp. 25-32). These parts of the manual contain valuable information concerning the stuff you need to know for the first-jump course.

First Jump Course Quiz

Take the quiz to see if you have the knowledge

Book Your Slot

Please arrive promptly for your appointment. There is paperwork to complete, decisions to be made, and others to consider before the class. If you arrive early you can get this out of the way, watch a few videos, and chat with everyone before your class.

Ground Courses are only taught on Friday nights starting at 5:00 pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00 am.

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