The Staff

With years of experience and thousands of skydives our staff is experienced enough to have fun and make it safe. We know when to say "woooo" and when to say "noooo" and we love this sport just about as much as anyone .

Ingrid Stephan


Ingrid is not only the owner of SLW but also a pilot, skydiver, SCUBA rescue diver, and optometrist. .

  • 252.495.1496

Jeff Plisko

AFF, Tandem

Jeff has been jumping for years and considers the sky and the sport his true loves...

  • 252.495.1496.

Steven Mann


Steven truly loves to help you experience flight both on the ground and in the air!

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John Nelson

AFF, Tandem, Rigger

John has been in the sport of skydiving for more than 12 years and really enjoys entertaining people with his dry sense of humor. He is guaranteed to make your tandem boat loads of fun!

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Eric Mullendore

S&TA, Coach, Rigger, Videographer

Eric is perfectly content searching for the perfect shot or fixing the equipment, it's all the same to him.

  • 252.220.0659

Kyle Pitchford

Tandem, Coach, Videographer, Packer, Pilot

Kyle has been in the sport for years and loves every aspect of the sport, but he really enjoys instructing..

  • 252.495.1496

Elliott Kornegay


Elliott is a new skydiver of under two years but already has a coach rating, he just can't get enough!

  • 252.495.1496

Travis Bailey


Travis builds cabinets, skydivers, and "F-Tards"... he is just sooo talented.

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