Tandem Skydive

Thrill of a Lifetime

What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is a type of skydiving where the student, also known as a passenger, is wearing a harness that attaches to the instructor's harness. In this configuration the instructor is wearing the parachute and the passenger is attached to the instructor; both use the same parachute. This is the most commonly known type of skydiving and it is perfect for instruction and for those seeking a minimal introduction to parachuting before taking the ride of lifetime. The first step in most skydiving instruction courses and the thrill of a lifetime for most weekend adventure seekers, a Tandem is the start either way and fun no matter how you look at it.

The primary goal of this jump is basic freefall body position, introduction to canopy flight and just having fun.

What to expect...

The tandem experience starts with a brief ground course on what you will be expected to do and what to expect. This course will cover the adjustment of the harness, how to board the aircraft, what will happen during the ascent to altitude, the exit procedures, what to expect, etc. This is a general outline of your big day. If you have any questions during this time please ask the instructor because the clearer it is to you before the more fun we'll have and the safer it will be! Following a thirty minute ride to altitude you will exit 11,000 feet above the airport and enjoy about 45 seconds of free-fall followed by 10 minutes of canopy flight before returning to the ground to the resounding cheers of your friends and family! You can also expect:

  • Lots of wind in your face
  • The best view in Eastern North Carolina
  • A twenty minute ride to approximately 11,000ft
  • About a 45 second free-fall
  • Approximately a 10 minute canopy flight
  • More adreneline than you can handle!

Other Considerations

Whatever time you book, please understand that skydiving is highly dependent on several factors including: weather, airplane, sunlight, and other skydivers. This means that while you may book a 2:00pm tandem you might not jump at that time. We ask that you try and set aside at least half a day to this experience and be patient, we will get to everyone.

Please arrive 30 - 60 minutes before your appointment. There is paperwork to complete, decisions to be made, and the briefing. If you arrive early you can get this out of the way and watch others take the plunge, watch a few videos, and chat with everyone before your jump. Make sure to wear something comfortable, we recommend closed-toe shoes, and try not to wear anything you might not want to loose. You will have the option to wear a jumpsuit during your jump and you are allowed to store valuables in our safe while you jump.

What about the video?

We offer the following video options with your tandem skydive. All videos are in stunning 1080 HD and delivered via Google Drive or DVD.

Photo Package - includes approximately 100 photos of your free fall from exit to the ground.
Video Package - includes handcam footage edited into a 5-7 minute video with editor's choice of music.

The cost you ask?

Save $20 for groups of 5 or more #save20

Tandem Skydive

Restrictions: passenger must weigh 240 lbs or less and be be at least 18 years old

Responsibilities: instructor deploys and flys parachute, you are along for the ride

Included: briefing before and after, jumpsuit, gloves, helmet, and goggles

w/photos +$50

w/video +$100

Second Tandem (same day)

Requirements: must be purchased the same day as your first tandem, not valid with any other discounts or offers

Restrictions: passenger must weigh 240 lbs or less and be be at least 18 years old

Included: briefing before and after, jumpsuit, gloves, helmet, and goggles

w/photos +$50

w/video +$100


Don't come here! You'll never want to leave! The staff are competent, knowledgeable, and perceptive in regard to their visitors. They have cultivated an environment where safety and compliance are priority one. Whatever your interest, whether it be a tandem ride, the AFF program, or fun jumping, SLW can more than accommodate you.

These guys were totally amazing. I'm not gonna lie, I was super nervous, but these guys kept the situation light and I had the experience of a lifetime. I will definitely be returning. This was an early anniversary gift for me and Susan Johns! If you decide you want to try skydiving or have any questions, Skydive Little Washington is the place to go. John and Jeff were very knowledgeable and true professionals. See you guys soon!!
-- James

Absolutely- freaking AMAZING! I had the best time ever here! The people are amazing all around. Could not have asked for a better time. Can NOT wait to come back!!!!
-- Susan

The people are all great and a joy to be around, they will educate you on the questions you may have and the setting itself is spectacular. They will make sure you have the best experience possible. I hung around all day waiting for my chance to jump and it looked like the opportunity wasn't going to come but at the last minute the skies cleared and it was the perfect setting for the perfect jump. John is an excellent instructor! I jumped with a beautiful sunset view over Washington. I can't wait to get more jumps in towards my A license! If you are on the verge of doing it, go ahead and make it a yes and take a leap of faith! This is the place you want to start your skydiving adventures.
-- Juan

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