Thanksgiving Feast 2017

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The following may shatter some of your dreams of adrenaline, adventure, and death defying grace...just saying...

You may start your skydiving career looking for thrill and adventure but you will soon discover that it is more about family and friends sharing good times, adventure, and danger. The camaraderie that develops among skydivers is one of the strongest in any sport. We come from all walks of life to join in the only sport where the participants willing commit suicide to put the ball in play; many skydivers don't explicitly realize this but we all implicitly do. This implicit realization of the danger involved is the catalyst for the tight bond that develops between jumpers. When you know that you may not see your friends after the next jump you more wholly appreciate the time that you do have together.

In the spirit of family we thew a Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday November 25th that all were welcome to attend; all did attend and all had fun. Everyone contributed with drinks, food, or services. It was true showing of what a dz family is and should be. Sarah and George deep-fried two of the most delectable turkeys this author has ever had the pleasure of tasting. Eric ran short of time and had to unfortunately trade in his homemade cranberry sauce for the type peddled by Food Lion, whole not mashed at any rate. Victor, and the other two "browns" (ask them to explain those nick names sometime), provided the most amazing,delicious and tastebud-exciting tamales EVER! They were so good in fact, that the three tubs of them were either eaten on site or shuttled to cars, vans, and busses to make the trip home to serve as breakfast and dinner. We should mention that homemade tamales wrapped in corn husks beat the living heck out of anything you could ever buy. We really enjoyed all 20 pounds of them, thanks guys! We also had the pleasure of dining on banana pudding from Sam's house which was gone before the first round of diners made it through the line. Next year, just go ahead and make a 5-gallon tub of that stuff Sam, it was truly superb. With the lightest hint of vanilla mixed with creamy pudding, 'nilla wafers, and fresh cut bananas, it was truly the hit of the party. If there was any left there wouldn't have been.

Of course we all brought something worthy of devouring. While not a huge hit, Kyle's pickled eggs were absolutely delicious; a taste from the North that we just cannot understand why ya'll Southerners just can't stand. We rounded off the feast with all the traditional fixings: stuffing, potato salad, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, bread, and pumpkin pies. All this food laid out before us we just couldn't eat without thanking the one that made of this wonderful food possible. Just before eating the entire group held hands in one large circle as Victor led the group in the saying of grace.

As a business we try quite diligently to avoid pressing our religion or politics on customers, so you may be asking yourself, "why pray before a meal?". The answer is simple, just because. Our DZO and several others expressed a desire to do so and as we are one large family we all decided to support each other in this endeavor. It is just what families do. We understand that while we might not all share the same beliefs, others hold them quite close. For us to be unwilling to accommodate or not stand with our friends would surely strike a divide between us and most certainly hurt friendships; neither of which we condone.

'Tis better to rise together than fall apart.

Now for a quick change of gears to one of skydiving and fun. You really couldn't have expected this post to really be all about mushy stuff, could you? Good! We also got some serious skydiving done too. It all started with Junior and Jared doing some low passes and practicing those essential canopy skills followed quickly by Chas, Jay, Eric, and Sam. They say you are supposed to wait an hour before skydiving after eating but we threw caution to the wind, flew through the cramps to build, destroy, and build formations while Scrooge watched from the "wheel chair of glory".

We flew well into the afternoon when we at last had the chance to get a fellow sky-brother back in the air with a recurrencey jump after several years grounded.
As it turns out, Zovek's son, Zovek, just started his path to become licensed, so getting is father airborne again means they will one day enjoy the thrill of sharing airspace together as part of two different families. Welcome back to the sky Zovek!!

We have to say that all in all it was great day of coming together to celebrate those things we have and those things we have to yet to accomplish. Here is to everyone that came out to make this a very special day indeed, this is all about you guys and gals. Blue Skies and Happy Holidays!!


Don't come here! You'll never want to leave! The staff are competent, knowledgeable, and perceptive in regard to their visitors. They have cultivated an environment where safety and compliance are priority one. Whatever your interest, whether it be a tandem ride, the AFF program, or fun jumping, SLW can more than accommodate you.

These guys were totally amazing. I'm not gonna lie, I was super nervous, but these guys kept the situation light and I had the experience of a lifetime. I will definitely be returning. This was an early anniversary gift for me and Susan Johns! If you decide you want to try skydiving or have any questions, Skydive Little Washington is the place to go. John and Jeff were very knowledgeable and true professionals. See you guys soon!!
-- James

Absolutely- freaking AMAZING! I had the best time ever here! The people are amazing all around. Could not have asked for a better time. Can NOT wait to come back!!!!
-- Susan

The people are all great and a joy to be around, they will educate you on the questions you may have and the setting itself is spectacular. They will make sure you have the best experience possible. I hung around all day waiting for my chance to jump and it looked like the opportunity wasn't going to come but at the last minute the skies cleared and it was the perfect setting for the perfect jump. John is an excellent instructor! I jumped with a beautiful sunset view over Washington. I can't wait to get more jumps in towards my A license! If you are on the verge of doing it, go ahead and make it a yes and take a leap of faith! This is the place you want to start your skydiving adventures.
-- Juan

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